Elektricity Market

Feasibility Analysis - Project Assessment

Market analysis, conceptual design, grid connection analysis, equipment selection, CAPEX and OPEX analysis, price / tariff projections, technical and financial performance evaluation, sensitivity analysis, NPV and IRR analysis.

Bankable Reports - Project Validation & Supervision

Examination of project license and permits, plant design soundness, annual electricity production calculations, CAPEX and OPEX assumptions, EIA and the Equator Principles conformity assessment, evaluation of the work schedule, contractors and suppliers, time and cost overrun risks and administrative risk analysis.

Privatization Projects

Technical due diligence, tender-specification-compliant evaluation models, regulatory framework analysis, projections and tariff models, sensitivity analysis, support services for financial modeling.

Investment Consultancy

Regulatory framework and market analysis, portfolio planning, competetion & integration models.

Project Development

Site development and assessment for power plants, fuel supply and grid connection analysis, renewable resource assessment, preliminary project assessment reports, license applications and bankability reports to supprt financing process.